MY SPAM STOPPER PICK : Consider this Spam Stopper ( 20.00 )

Also, Here is a Free Mail Washer Program :

Have you ever wished that you could return spam to its sender and fool them into thinking that your e-mail address is not valid? MailWasher, it's free, lets you do just that. You can also choose to delete a message on the e-mail server, without downloading it. MailWasher retrieves information about all e-mail messages on the server.

To check e-mail, you don't open your e-mail client. Instead, you start MailWasher, and it tells you what messages are waiting for you on the mail server. In the check boxes, you select whether to Delete or Bounce messages, then click the Process Mail button. If you have checked nothing, the e-mail is downloaded to your e-mail client as normal.

This spam attacker has all the characteristics I like in a spam blocker. It works like a charm, is truly easy to set up and use, and nails spam at the door by filtering, bouncing, blacklisting, and removing it.

After you’ve used MailWasher for a while, it collects enough info—through heuristic checking and filtering—that most spam is automatically blocked without any intervention.

Get the Free version HERE

Their Web Site HERE ----------- ( Pro version is 37.00 )

Mailwasher Instructions

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