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Keyboard Shortcuts

Special Keyboard Shortcuts

Program Commands to Open Word, Excel, etc.


Privacy in Word Documents
Download this sample privacy document

Resume sample and Job Form at bottom of this page


Beautiful cursive font

Auto Formatting

To Protect a document : Go to Tools / Protect Document / Editing Restrictions
and choose Read Only, then click Start enforcing

Find / Replace


Insert / Delete a whole blank page

Humor for the Day

Dog Fun



More on Tables

Sample Resume

Forms #1

Forms #2


Dual Columns


Web Pages with Word ( Library Class Only )

Web Pages with Word

More Web Pages with Word

MS Word with Web Page links

Linking MS Word documents

Color Chart


Free Web Page File Upload Program ( FTP )


Greeting Card

Greeting Card 2

Recipe Cards

Country Road Image

Ocean Image



Logos on Labels

Download this label image for above Logo practice :

Mailing List ( for MS Word 2000 )

Mailing List ( for MS Word 2003 )

Using Publisher to Make Labels with a Logo


Embedding Sounds

$20.00 Music file converter and more

America the Beautiful Midi Sample

Seinfeld - Babu

Seinfeld - George Not Home

Long Vowels

Common ASCII Codes

( Press Alt + the ascii code #, then let go.
Press Enter to capitalize the character. )

Typing Accents