Dear Family / Friends,

All of us are blessed of the Lord with many good things : health, jobs, ministries and children. Matilda is Kevin's wife as of Aug. 2000. She works for an oil company as a chemical engineer. Kevin is a database programmer/ administrator and is still going to college. He is the weekly preacher at a chapel at a retirement center. Dana is quite involved in ministry at her church. She is in college and working part-time. She is very involved with our local Pregnancy Assistance Center Christian outreach ministry. They all live in Houston near us. Diana is working for a major insurance company as IT support. She teaches a lady's bible study at work. She also signs ( not sings ) to Christian music at the center where Kevin preaches as mentioned above. I am IT contract support for one of the major government entities here in Houston, TX. I keep busy teaching computer classes there too. My computer services company, Scriptco, is doing fine. Other activities also keep me busy. My ongoing teaching ministry involves teaching bible in various places in the area. Earning my master's and doctor's degree in theological studies years ago has been a real asset in this regard. Here is a web page with access to many good Bible studies.

Some great web sites / ministries in which I am actively involved :

Looking to Him,
Philip. 1:6