Word Formatting

1. To quickly change the font size of your text

Select the text to format

[Ctrl] + [Shift] + [>] increases the font size
[Ctrl] + [Shift] + [<] decreases the font size

2. Delete Words Quickly

You donít have to press the [Backspace] key several times to delete a word or phrase. The [Backspace] key deletes only one character at a time. To quickly delete an entire word:

Hold down the [Ctrl] key and press the [Backspace] key

3. Getting Rid of Hyperlinks

Do you copy information from the Internet and paste it into a Word document? When you paste your information into a document, there may be quite a few hyperlinks in your documents. What if you want to get rid of those hyperlinks?
Instead of "pasting" the information, do a paste special.

On the Menu Bar, click Edit and select Paste Special... In the Paste Special dialog box, choose Unformatted Text

4. Create a Table Quickly

If you need to create a table quickly or don't like to tab from cell to cell when entering information in a table, type your table data in a Word document in a comma-delimited format:

Enter the data like this: ( note the space after the comma )

Susie, 95, red
Brian, 86, blue
Joe, 93, green
Lori, 88, yellow

Select (highlight) the text.
On the Menu Bar, click Table, Insert and Table...
A table is automatically created for you.

5. If you do not want to have the entire picture of the screen, use the crop feature to trim the picture by removing the distracting parts.

Click on the graphic to select it.
Sizing handles and the Picture toolbar appear. (If the toolbar does not appear, right-mouse click on the picture and choose Show Picture Toolbar.)
Click the Crop icon . Position the mouse on a sizing handle. Drag to crop.